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Quick Guide

The Hanlog32USB application is designed to control the set-up and download variants of the Hanwell 4000 and 5000 Series Dataloggers and to analyse the data downloaded from them.

Windows 98 or later is required.


To use the software, follow these simple steps:


1.Run the software.

The Setup up and Download buttons will be disabled and the Graph button enabled.

2.Connect the Logger to the PC using the supplied lead (or any standard A to MiniB USB cable). The software should recognise the device and show its Serial Number in the Status bar.

The Setup Datalogger and Download Datalogger  buttons will now be enabled.

3.Click on Setup Datalogger.

The software will automatically recognise the type of Logger that is connected and the current settings for that device will appear.

4.Choose how you would like the Logger to work (for example by entering Logging Interval and Alarm settings).

5.Click on Program Logger.

This will clear the Logger memory and restart the logging process.

6.Close the dialog and disconnect the Logger from the PC.

7.After the logging session has ended, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above and press the Download Datalogger  button.

The known settings for the Logger will appear in the relevant fields in the Download dialog.

8.Click on Download.

The data will be extracted from the Logger and the remaining fields populated.

9.Click on Save Data to file the Data.

10.Choose a new or existing file name.

If the file does not exist then the data will just be saved.

If the file does exist then you will be offered the choice of overwriting the file completely or appending data to it (only data later than that currently in the file will be added).

11.Click on Close to exit the download dialog.

12.In order to review the data simply click on Graph Data and select the file.

13.Optionally you may choose  to show alarm ranges shaded inside or outside of the lines.

This choice is made via the Preferences button on the main screen.

14.Also on this dialog you may optionally get the system to calculate MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) for temperature channels.

This is a Weighted Average Temperature, designed to reflect the equivalent overall reaction.