Downloading a Data Logger's Data

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Downloading a Data Logger's Data

When a device is downloaded, the data is stored in memory.

Data must subsequently be saved to disc using the Save Data function.


To Download a Logger:


1.Connect the Logger.

When it has been registered by the USB driver, the Download DataLogger  button will become enabled

2.Click on the the Download DataLogger button.

The Setup dialog will appear, loaded with the device's known current settings.

3.Click on Download.

The Status panel will read 'Working’  and a progress display bar will be displayed.

When the data has all been transferred from the Logger the Status panel will read ‘Download Complete’  and the remaining fields will be filled.

6.Click on Save Data  to file the logged data to disc

Logging will continue after the download process with the timestamp still correct, but any points logged during the process will not be written to file.