Getting Started

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Getting Started

For general information on EMS, please refer to the EMS Online User Guide:


Notes:EMS Version 1.0.3 or higher and SQL 2014 or later are required for the Mobile App.

Important: The EMS Mobile App WILL NOT work when Active Directory (AD) Authentication is enabled.


Before downloading, installing and using the EMS Mobile App, you will need to:

1.Install the EMS.MobileApp.DataService (W950) to provide a link between the Mobile App's interface, the EMS functionality and your data.

2.Activate your EMS Mobile App Licence.

Note: The EMS Mobile App Licence must only be activated AFTER installing the EMS.MobileApp.DataService in order to prevent operational issues.


Installing the EMS.MobileApp.DataService

The EMS.MobileApp.DataService MUST be installed on the same PC/Server that has EMS installed on it..

To install the EMS.MobileApp.DataService

1.Load the supplied CD and click on the EMS Mobile Application Setup.msi icon:

EMS Mobile Application Setup Icon

The following window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 1

2.Click Next.

The End-User Licence Agreement window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 2

3.Tick the I accept the terms of the License Agreement box.

4.Click Next.

The Service Account window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 3

5.Check the Service User Name and, if required enter your EMS password.

6.Click Next.

The Destination Folder window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 4


Accept the default Destination folder for the EMS.MobileApp.DataService.


Choose a new one by clicking on the Change... button.

8.Click on Next.

The following window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 5

9.Click on the Install button.

MobileApp DataService Setup 6

The EMS Mobile Application Service Setup window is displayed populated with a series of default settings:


MobileApp DataService Setup 7

10.Click on Next.

The EMS.MobileApp.DataService installs and the following window is displayed:

MobileApp DataService Setup 8

11.Click on Finish.


EMS Mobile App Licence Activation Procedure

Three different licences are available for the EMS.MobileApp.DataService, depending on how many Sensors are installed:

W950-300V (Up to 300 Sensors)

W950-600V (Up to 600 Sensors)

W950-900V (Up to 900 Sensors)

The required EMS.MobileApp.DataService Licence is activated Online via the EMSConfiguration Utility as follows:

1.From your device's Home screen, click on the EMSConfig logo:

EMSConfig Logo

A series of windows will be shown as the EMSConfiguration Tools load.

The exact windows shown will depend on the OS of the machine EMS is running on; examples are shown below:

User Account Control

EMS Config EMS Sevices

EMS Config - EMS Config

Synergy Data Service Logo

2.Click on Yes or OK on the displayed windows to accept each stage of the EMSConfiguration Tools start-up.

3.The EMSConfiguration Ver: X.X.x.x window is displayed:

EMS Config Window Popup

4.Select the Licence tab in the window's menu bar.

5.Select Activate Online from the displayed drop down menu:

Activate Licence Online Entry Dropdown Menu

After a few seconds, the Activate Online dialog box is displayed:

Activate Online

5.Enter your supplied Licence ID and Password.

6.Click Activate.

After a few seconds you will see a message stating that the Licence has been activated.

Note:Customers are strongly advised to keep copies of all Licence IDs and associated passwords, purchased for the EMS system.

For more details, refer to: